achristmaswish_6b A Christmas Wish
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: December 7, 2017 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Christmas MF
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Crista Farrell lost her husband in an automobile accident ten months ago. She returns to their special spot on Hood Canal in Washington to say goodbye to him and go on with her life.

Car trouble leads her to walk to a nearby cabin, where she meets Jeff Bower. Jeff has come to his cabin to be alone and think about the long relationship he’d ended with his girlfriend. He didn’t expect to find a damsel in distress on his doorstep.

Sparks fly between the two lovers, yet Jeff is unsure if Crista is truly falling in love with him, or still trying to get over the loss of her husband.

Enter a tow-truck driver who looks just like Santa Claus. With a little magic and a Christmas wish, Santa makes sure Crista and Jeff have their happy ending. After all, Christmas is about miracles.

(Previously published as A Wish Granted.)

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Jeff stood ten feet away from Crista. He studied her as she looked at his selection of books. The dim light from the one burning lamp and the fire turned her ivory skin golden and gave her hair bright highlights. His gaze wandered down her voluptuous body. Full breasts filled out her red sweater. Tight jeans hugged rounded buttocks, then tapered down her long legs. He guessed her height to be five-five or -six, a perfect compliment to his six-one frame.

Stranded with a beautiful woman. Jeff could think of worse things to happen. And if he hadn’t been raised a gentleman, he could easily take advantage of the situation. He loved sex, especially with women built like Crista. He’d always thought a full-figured woman much more sexy than one model thin.

Being stranded together didn’t mean she’d automatically fall into bed with him. They’d known each other less than an hour. Besides, she seemed…sad, and alone.

Jeff stepped closer and held out one mug. “Here’s your tea.”

She turned to him and accepted the mug with her right hand. “Thank you.”

Jeff watched her as she sipped her tea. Those huge eyes surrounded by thick lashes, a cute turned-up nose, full lips, an oval face…they all combined to make her stunning.

Crista cupped her left hand around her mug. That’s when he noticed her gold wedding band.

He crashed back to earth with a thud.

“I’m sorry you aren’t able to call your husband. Does he know where you are?”

She shook her head, gripped her mug tighter. “My husband… He was killed in a car accident ten months ago.”

A widow, so young? She couldn’t be any older than her mid twenties. Jeff didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry” seemed so inadequate.