AnythingGoes_6 Anything Goes
Book 1 of the Anything Goes Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: July 19, 2011 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Ménage (MFM) and MF
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
A taste of the forbidden.

After fifteen years in an unhappy marriage, Catania Wylde is now free to live her life the way she wants. She believes the best way to start her new life is to celebrate her fortieth birthday at the sex club, Anything Goes.

Alex Cline spends his days developing applications for smartphones. His nights are spent at his sex club, Anything Goes. He had no idea the club would be so successful when he started it three years ago. Celebrities, politicians, and royalty all come to his club outside of Dallas for a taste of the forbidden.

When Alex finds out the woman he’s lusted after for years wants to visit his club, he decides to make Cat’s visit the most sensual, most fulfilling evening of her life…an evening that he plans to be the start of many nights in his arms.

(Although part of the Anything Goes series, it is not necessary to read the entire series to enjoy this book.)

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“Take off your clothes.”

A frown marred Riyad’s forehead, as if he wasn’t used to taking orders. It disappeared as quickly as it formed and he began to unbutton his shirt. Everett soon followed. Both men shrugged out of their shirts and let them fall to the floor behind them.

“Wait,” Cait said before they could remove anything else. She wanted time to look at their chests. Everett had a light dusting of brown hair across his chest that ran down his stomach to swirl around his navel and disappear inside his pants. The only hair on Riyad’s skin was a line that ran down from his navel. It, too, disappeared inside his pants.

She wanted to follow those lines of hair with her fingers, then her tongue.

“Keep going, guys.”

“What about you?” Riyad asked. “I wish to see your body.”

Everett nudged Riyad’s arm. “Let’s give her what she wants.”

Riyad seemed to consider that a moment, then reached for his belt. Everett unfastened his pants, pushed them past his hips. Commando, Cat thought. How hot. His hard cock popped up, long and thick and looking delicious. Cat had trouble tearing her gaze away from it to look at Riyad as he pushed down his pants and underwear. His cock wasn’t as thick as Everett’s, but appeared to be the same length and curved upward at the tip. It looked just as delicious.

She didn’t know which one to touch first.

Luckily, she had two hands. Cat wrapped one around each cock and squeezed lightly. Both men drew in sharp breaths. Lust filled their eyes, their chests rose and fell with their rapid breaths. Power surged through her, knowing she controlled their pleasure.

“How about a little something for us, Catania?” Everett asked.

She pointedly looked at her hands, then into Everett’s face. “More than this?”

He didn’t answer her question, but reached behind her and lowered the zipper on her dress. The thick straps loosened on her shoulders. Everett hooked his finger inside one, Riyad the other. Cat had to release the prize in her hands so the men could slide the straps past her hands. They pushed the dress to her waist, exposing her lacy black bra.

“Nice.” Everett ran the back of one finger over the top of her breasts. “Don’t you think so, Your Highness?”

Cat’s gaze flew to Riyad’s face. “Your Highness?” She didn’t understand why Everett would address Riyad that way, unless… “Who—”

He placed one finger over her lips. “No questions, Catania. Let us simply enjoy each other.” He took her hand, wrapped it around his cock. “Touch me.”