Davids_Dream_6 David’s Dream
Book 2 of the Cutler Ranch Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: January 5, 2017 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Western MF
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Kristina Thomas is excited to be starring in her first movie, and thrilled to have the hunky David Dunning as her co-star. She feels an instant attraction toward him the moment their hands touch, and suspects David feels the same way.

A successful movie career has made David famous and wealthy, but he’s alone at his choice. Someone kills the women who become his lovers. He can’t allow the same thing to happen to Kris, no matter how much he wants her.

Desire so strong can’t be denied, and they surrender to lovemaking. With the movie being shot on location at his family’s cattle ranch, David feels confident he and Kris can explore their feelings for each other without danger.

But the killer lurks in the background, determined to destroy David’s chance for happiness with the woman he loves.

(Previously published as “David” in the Men of Calder County boxed set. It has been revised and lengthened.)

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Kris soon had the brownie batter mixed. “I need a spatula,” she said once she stirred the nuts into the batter.


“To get as much out of the bowl as possible.”

David shook his head. “Use the spoon. That way there’s batter left in the bowl to eat.”

A slow smile turned up her lips. “I do like the way you think.”

She turned to place the pan in the oven. David took advantage of her being busy to swipe his forefinger through the chocolate mixture left in the bowl and bring it to his mouth.

“Hey!” Kris placed her hands on her hips and gave him a playful scowl once she faced him again. “You’re not supposed to eat it without me.”

“We’ll share. You take the left side of the bowl, I’ll take the right.”

He captured another glob on his finger, then waited for her to treat herself. She did, and rolled her eyes in pleasure. “I kiss the feet of whoever decided those little cocoa beans could be turned into something decadent.”

She dipped her finger again for another taste. The desire to touch her overwhelmed him. David held her wrist before her finger reached her mouth. Instead, he guided it to his mouth.

Heat flared in those amazing amethyst eyes. Kris drew in a sharp breath through her nose when he wrapped his lips around the tip of her finger. Holding her gaze, he licked every bit of the sweet chocolate from her skin. When he’d finished, David dipped his finger into the bowl again and held it to her mouth. Kris repeated what he had done—holding his wrist while she drew his finger into her mouth to lick off the mixture.

A tiny drop of chocolate sat on her bottom lip. Leaning closer to her, David sucked her lip between his teeth, swiped off the drop with his tongue.

Kris whimpered.