Windmill in Brisbane Decker’s Touch
Book 1 of the Cutler Ranch Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: March 5, 2016 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Western MF
Length: Short Novel
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Tessa Sommerfield would never have traveled to the small town in Texas except to attend her best friend’s wedding. She planned to be there for five days to share in Mary Ann’s happiness before heading back to New York City and her job as a stage manager on Broadway.

She hadn’t counted on falling for Decker Jones.

Deck can’t help the lust he feels when he sees Tessa for the first time, yet he knows that’s all that will ever be between them. Tessa lives in a completely different world than he does, one he could never inhabit.

Happily ever after is hard to achieve…but so worth it if two people love each other enough to work for it.

* * *

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“Hey, Mary Ann.”

The male baritone sent a shiver of awareness through Tessa’s body. Goose bumps erupted across her skin. Slowly, she turned her head to her left and watched Decker Jones slide into the booth next to her. He wore a simple brown T-shirt that stretched over his wide chest and broad shoulders. She let her gaze travel down his flat stomach to the crotch of faded jeans that cupped an impressive bulge.

Tessa gulped as her heart took off at a gallop.

He folded his arms on the table. The short sleeves of his shirt exposed large, strong biceps. “Hello,” he said softly to her.

“Hi,” she managed to whisper.

His gaze did its own traveling—over her hair, her face, down her neck, and across her breasts. It lingered there for a few seconds before returning to her face. The heat in his eyes proved he liked what he’d seen.

So did Tessa. Dark-brown lashes surrounded his almond-shaped, olive-green eyes. He had thick eyebrows, but she wouldn’t call them bushy. His dark-brown hair—similar in color to a mink’s pelt—curled over his ears and neck in tousled waves. A rectangular face with a strong jawline and full, shapely lips completed the handsome package.

Those lips would fit perfectly against hers.

“Deck, this is Tessa Sommerfeld, one of my best friends. We went to Columbia together. Tessa, Decker Jones.”

Decker dipped his head. “It’s nice to meet you, Tessa.”

“Same here.”

She couldn’t believe how breathless her voice sounded. She’d been around scores of handsome, sexy men in her profession, but she’d never responded like this to any of them. She found herself leaning toward him to get closer until she abruptly stopped herself and moved an inch away from him. No part of his body touched her, yet she could feel his warmth.

Tessa had experienced desire many times, but nothing like this. Her body began to respond, readying itself for Decker’s possession. Her breasts felt full, her nipples achy with the need to be touched, sucked. She shifted in the booth, trying to relieve the gentle pulsing between her legs.

She longed for Decker’s touch, right now.