DeliciousBurn_6 Delicious Burn
Book 3 of the Anything Goes Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: March 11, 2013 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Ménage (FMF and MFM) and MM
Length: Short Novel
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
A love worth the wait.

Drew Severson is honored to be included in his best friend’s wedding, yet seeing Gabe so happy makes Drew dwell on the emptiness in his life. When Gabe suggests an evening at Anything Goes, Drew decides sex is exactly what he needs to rid him of his depressed state. Man or woman doesn’t matter to him, as long as the sex is hot and sweaty.

The attraction Everett Payne feels when he sees Drew at the sex club is instant and explosive. What starts as a night of sexploits between Drew, Everett, and a female club attendant morphs into a private weekend at Everett’s house for the two men.

Drew is hesitant to become involved with the younger man due to his Army obligations. It doesn’t matter to Everett that Drew has a minimum of six more years to serve his country. He’s found the perfect man and is willing to wait for him…no matter how long it takes.

(Although part of the Anything Goes series, it is not necessary to read the entire series to enjoy this book.)

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Everett had wanted to taste Drew’s mouth all evening. The reality topped his fantasy at least one hundred times. Soft, firm lips caressed his, a tongue peeked out to tickle the seam of his mouth. Everett gladly parted his lips to accept the other man’s exploration. Drew sipped at his lips, nibbled at the corners, swiped his tongue across the gentle bites. Everett returned each caress, until his breathing became as labored as right after his last climax.

Drew ended the kiss with one last soft graze of his lips. He leaned back, but didn’t release Everett’s nape. “Does that answer your question?” he asked in a low, gravelly voice.

“Yeah.” Everett’s voice came out as gravelly as Drew’s.

He set his bottle of Pepsi on the nightstand. “Do you have any other questions?”

“Yeah,” Everett repeated. “Kiss me again?”

Taking Everett’s bottle from his limp hand, Drew set it on the nightstand next to his. He tunneled his fingers into Everett’s long hair and covered his lips again.

Heaven. Everett swore heaven couldn’t be any better than the taste of Drew. He laid his hands on the firm muscles of the man’s chest, not moving, simply absorbing the warmth and smoothness beneath his palms. He parted his lips, accepted Drew’s tongue inside his mouth. The tang of Vella’s pussy lingered on Drew’s breath.

Pulling back, Everett peered into sky blue eyes. “Do you prefer women?”

Drew’s hands flowed over Everett’s shoulders and down his arms. “I enjoy everything about sex with a woman.” He ran his hands back up Everett’s arms and into his hair again. “But I love sex with a man.”

Feeling the exact same way, Everett nodded. “I know what you mean.”

“So do you want to keep asking me questions, or do you want to fuck?”

“I want to fuck.”

“Bottom or top?”

“I’m flexible.”

Drew flashed a wicked grin. “Flexible is good.”

For this man, Everett would be as flexible as necessary. He’d never felt such a strong, instant attraction to anyone. “How about you?”

“Both are good, but I prefer to top.”

Everett stared at Drew’s cock, once again completely hard and standing up against his stomach. His anus clenched at the thought of all that firm flesh pounding into his ass.

Unable to resist, Everett wrapped one fist around Drew’s dick. Drew hissed in a sharp breath between his teeth. Taking that as a sign that the other man liked his touch, Everett slowly slid his hand to the base, then back to the crown. He repeated the journey, this time adding a gentle squeeze to the tight orbs. Hissing again, Drew arched his hips.

“What do you want me to do?” Everett asked.

Lust-filled eyes met his. “Whatever you want to do.”