Flaming Hot
Part of the Lanville Firefighters Series
Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia
Release Date: October 28, 2014 (print and ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Firefighter MF and MM
Length: Novellas in Collection

After two failed engagements, Eve Van Den Bergh is determined to live her life without including a man. She is settling into a new home and job when she meets Quade Easton.Frightened of another failure, Eve fights her attraction to Quade. That isn’t easy when the charming, handsome man does everything he can to make her fall in love with him. She can hang on to her fears and live her life alone, or take one more chance on love.


Paige Denslow can’t help noticing Cort Brennaman when he walks into the convenience store where she works. With his dark good looks, it’s impossible not to notice him.

Cort immediately falls in lust with Paige, but is leery to get involved with her due to his police undercover work. He holds back information about himself, which makes Paige suspicious. Hearing about a series of burglaries makes her wonder if Cort could be behind the thefts. She has to trust in Cort and their love if they have any hope for a future together.


Kirk Wilcox hasn’t “come out of the closet” since Lanville is such a small town. His silence is tested when Joshua Stafford moves to town and goes to work at the lumber store where Kirk works. The attraction is mutual, and they admit their feelings one evening at the store while doing inventory.

Josh had already told Kirk his time in Lanville would be temporary. Kirk can accept Josh’s decision to leave town in a couple of months, or admit his feelings to the man he loves and hope Josh will stay.

* * *

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 * * *


Paige stood and headed for the kitchen to pick up her purse from the island. She reached for it when Cort grabbed her hand.

“Wait.” Holding her hand, he turned her body toward him. “I don’t want you to go.”

“Then talk to me, Cort.”

Releasing her hand, he cradled her face in his palms. “How about if we communicate another way?”

He slowly lowered his head, perhaps giving her time to say “no” or “stop”. That’s exactly what Paige should do. Curiosity about his kiss kept her silent.

His lips felt soft and warm against hers. A hint of wine on his breath made his taste more intoxicating. She laid her hands on his waist, needing more contact with him than simply their mouths.

He must have wanted the same as she for he soon wrapped his arms around her, pulled her against his body. Paige moaned at the sensation of his hardening cock against her mound. She slid her hands up his back to his shoulder blades. Rising on her tiptoes, she tilted her head and parted her lips for his tongue.

Cort didn’t deepen the kiss, but kept it gentle, tender. He ran his tongue across her lips, yet didn’t venture past the seam to the inside of her mouth. Paige finally took the lead, stroking her tongue over his lips before darting it into his mouth.

That must have been the signal Cort needed. He inhaled sharply through his nose, a growl came from deep in his throat. He slid one arm beneath her ass and lifted her. Paige automatically wrapped her legs around his hips.

“Tell me now if you don’t want me,” Cort whispered against her lips.

Instead of speaking, Paige tunneled her hands into his hair and kissed him again. She didn’t stop kissing him, even when he started walking. He carried her down a hallway and through an open doorway. Darkness filled the room, but Paige didn’t need to see. She only needed to feel.