Illusion_6 Illusion
Book 1 of the Fairy Magic series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: April 7, 2016 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal MF, St. Patrick’s Day
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Kaci Montgomery has lost the most precious member of her family, her great-grandmother. All that remains of the woman Kaci loved so much is an antique necklace and mirror that Nana left to Kaci in her will.

When Kaci touches the necklace and looks in the mirror, she sees a man…a man who quickly captures her heart.

For two months, Ryne Wilkinson has seen visions of a beautiful blonde, and he keeps getting visits from a four-inch fairy named Shae, who swears the blonde is the woman meant for him.

Sparks fly when Kaci and Ryne meet. But they can’t be sure if they are truly falling in love, or simply falling under the spell of an Irish legend.

(Previously published as Mirage.)

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Once inside her private space, she stood next to her desk and watched him gather his paperwork and replace it in his briefcase. Other than for those few moments at breakfast when they’d flirted a bit, he’d been all business. Ryne owned the largest, most successful convention-planning business in the States. Kaci easily understood why. His questions had been thorough, his intelligence obvious. She couldn’t help but be impressed.

And aroused simply looking into those incredible blue eyes.

Ryne faced her, briefcase in hand. “I’d like to see some of those brochures you mentioned. You said they’re in the lobby?”

“Yes, we have a large display rack close to the registration desk.”

“Then I’ll pick up some as I check in.”

“You haven’t checked in yet?”

“No, not yet. Your employee, Deborah, brought me here to wait for you.” He shifted his briefcase to his other hand. “I think the only thing I didn’t get to see is your steakhouse.”

“No, we didn’t make it that far, did we?”

“I want to unpack and clean up a bit, then I’d like to check out your restaurant. Will you have dinner with me?”

She’d take any chance to be with him. “Of course. But…” She stopped, unsure if she had the nerve to ask him the question she wanted to ask.

“But?” he asked, tilting his head.

Go for it, Kaci. You’ve already told him about your erotic romance collection. That isn’t the type of thing you tell a guy you just met. Don’t wimp out now. “The view at the restaurant is gorgeous and I do want you to see it. But I could arrange for dinner from the steakhouse be served someplace where we’d be more comfortable and have more privacy to talk.”

“And that would be where?”

Kaci swallowed the lump of nervousness in her throat. “My suite.”

His gaze passed over her face, lingering on her lips for a long moment, before he looked back into her eyes. “I’d like that.”