CowboysBed_6 In a Cowboy’s Bed
Featuring Lynn’s Story, “Trouble in Boots”
Part of the Lanville Firefighters Series
Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia
Release Date: July 30, 2013 (print and ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF
Length: Novella in Anthology
Keely Sheridan has been in lust with Nick Fallon since high school, but he’s always treated her as a friend. Other than one night of wild sex at their high school graduation, Nick has kept his distance from her.

Nick is very much aware of every luscious inch of Keely’s voluptuous body. No matter how much he wants her in his bed, he refuses to get involved with her due to the turmoil in his life.

When Nick is hurt while fighting a house fire, Keely is first in line to offer help. He can no longer fight his feelings for her and gives in to the sweetest, hottest lovemaking he’s ever experienced.

Wanting to help the man she loves, Keely does something behind Nick’s back that he cannot forgive. He has to push aside his anger and pride before he and Keely can have the future together both of them want.

(Also contains stories by Vonna Harper and Cat Johnson.)

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The ability for her to think straight skittered away again when Nick’s hand dropped from her jaw to her breast. He gently squeezed the full mound, whisked his thumb across her nipple. It puckered inside her bra as if asking for another touch. Still he kissed her…long, deep, slow kisses that used Nick’s lips, tongue, and teeth to make love to her mouth.

She had no idea how long they kissed, but she had no bones left in her body when Nick finally lifted his mouth from hers. She couldn’t have climbed off him right then if a plane crashed through the roof directly over their heads.

Nick pressed his forehead to hers. “Even better than I imagined,” he whispered.

He’s imagined kissing me? The question formed in Keely’s mind while she tried to breathe normally again so she could speak.

Before she could utter one word, he kissed her again.

Warm hands spread over her low back beneath her sweater. Her bra tightened, then loosened. Nick’s palms moved up and down her spine, unhindered by the strap that usually crossed her middle back. Keely wrapped one arm around his neck, dug her hand into the thick hair at his nape. She’s always loved the way his hair flowed around his head with a touch of waviness. Those waves begged for a woman’s fingers.

His fingertips danced up and down her spine a few more times before they ventured inward. Keely held her breath when his hands burrowed beneath her bra cups. She released it in a whoosh into Nick’s mouth when calloused palms cradled her breasts.

A loud moan came from Nick’s throat. He ended their kiss, pressed his mouth against her throat. Keely’s eyes slid closed as he began a gentle kneading of her breasts. Each pass of his fingertips over her nipples sent a zing of pleasure between her thighs.

“God,” he muttered. Squeezing her firm flesh, he moaned again. “These feel incredible.”

His hands on her felt incredible. He lifted her breasts, pushed them together, ran his hands all over them. He returned to her nipples, lightly brushing them with his thumbs. Keely pressed her thighs together, trying to ease the empty ache inside her pussy. Nothing would ease it completely except Nick’s cock thrusting into her sheath.

“Straddle my lap,” he said into her ear.

It sounded like an excellent idea to Keely, except for his hurt ankle. Not willing to cause him any pain, she pulled back and looked into his smoky gray eyes. They blazed even hotter now and she didn’t think that would be possible. “Your ankle.”

“It’s fine.


“I promise, it’s fine.” He touched her forehead with his once more. “Please, Keely.”