One Night of Pleasure
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: November 27, 2018 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF Holiday
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Gail Baxter wants one night of incredible sex with no worries, no pressures…one night to completely lose herself in a man’s arms. When she sees Jason across the room, she knows he will give her everything she desires.

Jason Devereux wants a night of hot sex with a warm, willing woman. It takes only one kiss for him to know Gail is the one he wants to make love with all night long.

This could be one night of pleasure, or lead to something special and everlasting.

* * *

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 * * *


He saw her standing with a group of three other women. Lust hit him like the force of a size thirteen combat boot rammed into his stomach.

That lust quickly dropped several inches, making his cock swell.

Jason Devereux tipped his bottle of beer and took a healthy pull of the cold, foamy brew. He’d refused at first when his friend, Austin, had invited him to this party. Being alone on New Year’s Eve wasn’t exactly his idea of fun, but an evening of trying to be polite with people he didn’t know held no appeal either.

Seeing her made him glad he’d changed his mind.

Long, light-brown hair with a hint of wave. Ivory skin. Full lips made for kissing, and for sliding down his hard cock. Slightly above average height, probably about five-six. She’d fit nicely against his six-foot frame.

He couldn’t see the color of her eyes at this distance, but he’d bet they were green.

Jason’s gaze slowly moved over her body. She wore a short-sleeved, eve-necked, purple dress made of some slinky material. It clung to her curves, emphasizing her wide hips and generous breasts. Those breasts would more than fill his hands, and his hands weren’t small.

He wondered if she had a round ass to match.

She laughed and turned toward one of her companions. Jason groaned to himself when he got a glimpse of her ass. Definitely round and as full as her breasts…perfect to hold while he pounded into her.

His cock swelled more at that mental image.

Austin had told him there would be plenty of women here who would spread their legs as soon as they were tapped on the shoulder. That sounded crude, but it was exactly what Jason wanted tonight.

One night of pleasure.