Overboard_6 Overboard
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: May 17, 2016 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Ménage (MFM and MMF), MF, and MM
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Christopher Pritchard has been looking forward to his best friend’s visit for weeks. He bids goodbye to his live-in girlfriend, Joni Wagner, and takes off with Lance Fitzgerald for a three-day fishing trip.

Lance has been in love with Chris since their college days. Hiding the fact that he’s bisexual wasn’t easy during college, yet Lance had done it because he didn’t want to lose Chris’ friendship.

As night falls on the water and the beer flows freely, talk turns to sex. The talk turns into action the next morning when Chris awakes to find a naked and aroused Lance in his stateroom. Instead of ordering him out of the room, he invites Lance into his bed.

Chris is sure Joni is his happily-ever-after, yet he can’t deny the attraction he feels for Lance. He can accept his new feelings for Lance, or push him away and lose the best friend he’s ever had.

(Previously published as Capsized.)

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Lance grabbed two more bottles from the mini-fridge. Chris sat slouched on the bench seat, obviously half boiled. He seemed to be in a mood to talk. Lance thought it might be a good time to get Chris to open up and be honest about some things that he’d wondered about.

He handed Chris a bottle and returned to his spot on the bench across from him. “Your love life never suffered before Joni.”

“You never had a problem getting girls either. Hell, you’ve had women all over the world.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” He swallowed a third of his beer. The mouthful bypassed his stomach and went right to his head. He hadn’t been this high in a long time. The swimming head made it easy for him to talk. “How many women do you think you’ve fucked?”

“Not as many as you since I haven’t traveled around the world.”

“Is there anything you haven’t done that you want to do?”

“You mean like a position?”

“Anything. Is there anything you want to do sexually that you haven’t done?”

Chris chuckled. “Man, I can barely see right now, much less think. Ask me tomorrow after I recuperate from my hangover.”

Not the answer Lance wanted. Deciding he needed a more direct approach, he asked the question he’d avoided. “Have you ever had sex with a guy?”

Chris stared at him a moment before he laughed. “Hell, no.” He drained his bottle and set it on the deck. “Have you?” he asked, amusement still in his voice.

Lance slowly finished his beer. Holding the empty bottle between his palms, he answered Chris’ question honestly. “Yes, I have.”