Romancing Raine
Book 2 of the Fairy Magic Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: July 15, 2015 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF Fantasy
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Kaylen Montgomery is hit with instant lust when he sees Raine Bridewell outside his sister’s office at The Seattle Montgomery. She’s applying for the position of conference coordinator, which means he’ll have the chance to romance her into his bed. Turning on the Irish charm has always made women fall at his feet.

Not this time. Raine is recovering from a bad relationship with the son of a hotel chain’s owner. Getting involved with another owner—or the brother of one—isn’t anywhere on her to-do list.

Enter Shae, a four-inch fairy, who is sure Raine and Kaylen belong together. It’s up to her to help them realize they’re perfect for each other, with the help of a little Irish magic.

* * *

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Kaylen opened the door wider so Raine could enter. He took the opportunity to admire her ass as she walked past him. His cock responded, making him thankful for the loose khakis he’d chosen to wear tonight with a button-down shirt.

“Everything is beautiful, Kaylen. I love all the candles. And the table looks incredible. You went to a lot of work.”

“I wanted it to be special for you.” He crossed to the kitchen. “Dinner will be served between seven-fifteen and seven-thirty. I’ve opened a bottle of Bordeaux for us. Why don’t you get comfortable in the living room and I’ll bring the bottle and glasses?”

Kaylen entered the living room to find Raine sitting in a corner of the couch, her legs crossed. He’d turned on the two lamps to their lowest setting. Their soft light mixed with the candlelight turned her skin golden. He almost stumbled at the sight, she looked so beautiful.

He sat next to her, splashed wine in each glass. After handing one wineglass to Raine, he tapped it with his. “To an evening of good food, good wine, and good company.”

Raine smiled at his toast before she took a sip of her wine. “Oh, that’s good.”

“Told you. Wait until you taste the filet.”

“I can hardly wait.”

To prove her words, her stomach rumbled. Kaylen laughed while Raine blushed. “Hungry?”

“Obviously. I haven’t had anything to eat since the torte in your plane.”

“I hope you like French Onion soup. I ordered that instead of salad.”

“I love it.”

“Good.” He glanced into his wineglass, amazed that he continued to feel so nervous about this evening. “It isn’t a good idea to invite a woman to dinner and not find out what she likes or dislikes.”

“I’m not a picky eater. Except for artichokes.” She shivered. “I can’t imagine why anyone would eat them.”

He tapped her glass again with his. “I agree with you there.”

Raine sipped her wine, then openly studied his face. “We seem to agree on a lot of things.”

“Like what?” he asked, stretching his arm along the back of the couch behind her.

“Music. I love all the songs you played while we were flying today, and what’s playing now. Food.” She lifted her glass an inch. “Wine.”

“I like wine, but I’m not an expert. I asked Kaci what went best with filet. She suggested either Merlot or Bordeaux.”

“I’ll tell you a secret.” She leaned closer to him. Kaylen bent his head so she could whisper in his ear. “I’m not an expert either. I just know what tastes good.”

Kaylen laughed again, delighted at her honesty and humor. Very little about this woman didn’t delight him.

He lifted tendrils of her hair, rubbed them between his thumb and forefinger. So soft, and his touch released the scent of flowers. “You’re so beautiful, Raine.”

“That sounds like something a man would say to a woman before he kisses her.”

“It could be, if that woman wants a kiss.”

“She wants it very much,” she said softly.

Only too happy to grant her request, Kaylen pressed his lips to hers in a gentle kiss. He tasted the wine on her breath, mixed with the unique flavor of Raine.

He knew immediately that one taste wouldn’t be enough.

Tilting his head a bit, Kaylen kissed her again. He draped his arm around her shoulders, pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss. His lips moved over hers, noting their softness and the way they gave beneath his. His touched the seam of her lips with the tip of his tongue. She rewarded his action by parting her lips so he could taste her more fully.

A soft moan from her throat went directly to his balls. They tightened as his cock hardened. Without lifting his mouth from hers, Kaylen reached across Raine and set his wineglass on the end table. Now he could wrap both arms around her, feel her soft, firm breasts press against his chest.

Raine pulled away from him long enough to set down her glass also, then she returned to his arms. Her hands tunneled into his hair, holding his head in place while she ravished his mouth. Kaylen didn’t mind giving up control to her. Whatever happened would give both of them incredible pleasure.