Room for Four
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: March 29, 2018 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MFFM
Length: Short Novel
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Patrick Dennison is excited about the upcoming visit from his friend, Jake Cabot, and Jake’s wife, Amanda, to his ski resort. He didn’t expect to take one look at Amanda’s friend, Tera Connolly, and fall head over heels in lust.

Tera is recovering from a broken heart and isn’t interested in getting involved with another man. That doesn’t mean she fails to notice the sexy ski-resort owner. A night in his arms is the perfect way to help her begin to heal.

She’s hesitant when Amanda suggests a foursome with Jake and Patrick for Patrick’s birthday, but the idea of an intimate evening with Patrick, Jake, and Amanda is too tempting to resist.

The foursome is amazing for Patrick, yet alone time with Tera is even better. Somehow, he has to convince her to stay with him…not just for a few more days, but for a lifetime.

(Sequel to Amanda’s Birthday Gift. Previously published as Always Room for Four.)

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His eyebrows drew together in a slight frown as he studied the monitor again. “The only rooms I have available are small studios on the first floor. Amanda would hurt me if I put you in one of those.”

Tera would like a little more room than a small studio, but she didn’t feel right having Amanda pay for a suite. “Would you refund my room cost to Amanda and let me pay instead?”

“I won’t do anything to make Amanda mad at me.” He ran a keycard through the scanner, slipped it into the card holder and laid it on the counter. “Suite 419. Sam will carry your bags for you.”

Tera picked up the card holder with a sigh. “You realize I’m mad at you.”

“Rather you than Amanda.”

The humor in his eyes made her chuckle. “She can be completely unreasonable when she’s angry.”

“That’s what Jake said. I don’t want that anger directed at me.”

Despite Patrick refusing to do what she wanted, Tera liked him. She’d always believed in first impressions. Patrick seemed to have a great personality and a wicked sense of humor. The drop-dead good looks didn’t hurt either. If Jake was anything like his friend, she understood why Amanda loved him so much.

“I hope you enjoy your stay with us, Ms. Connolly,” Patrick said.

“I’m sure I will. Thank you.”

She turned to walk to the elevator. Patrick’s next words stopped her.

“I’ll see you at dinner.”

She looked back at Patrick over her shoulder. “What?”

“The four of us are having dinner in my suite at seven. See you then.”

Before Tera could sputter another comment, Patrick disappeared through the door behind the counter.