Book 3 of Lanville Firefighters Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: September 21, 2022 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Julia Woods has worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Northern California since she graduated from college. Becoming involved with a thrill-seeker left her bruised and determined never to go through a heart-wrenching situation again. Craving a quieter life, she moves to Lanville, Texas, and accepts a housekeeping position at The Inn on Crystal Creek.

Stephen McGettis is exactly the kind of man Julia wants to avoid. Her heart—and hormones— have other ideas. Julia and Stephen begin an affair until he pulls a dangerous daredevil stunt while fighting a house fire by jumping from the ladder truck through a window.

Julia can’t take his don’t-worry-about-tomorrow attitude. Despite her deepening feelings, she tells Stephen she wants nothing more to do with him.

Losing Julia wakes up Stephen to how his adventurous ways could make her think he doesn’t care about living. No matter how long it takes, he’ll prove to Julia he’s a man who is worthy of her love.

* * *

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Masculine laughter at the main doors had Julia raising her head to see who entered the fast-food place. Four men sauntered in, all of them wearing jeans and dark-blue T-shirts with a gold-and-red logo over their left pectoral. Two had dark hair, two blond, and all four possessed amazing good looks. The blonds had to be brothers—perhaps even twins since they favored so much, and appeared to be in their mid twenties. Cute, but nothing to make her heart beat faster. One of the brunettes must be in his early forties. Very good looking, but again he did nothing for her.

The other brunette…

She guessed him to be twenty-six or twenty-seven. He stood at least six feet tall with wide shoulders and a muscled body. Olive skin gave him the appearance of a year-round tan. A couple of days’ worth of stubble covered his lower face. His thick mane of dark-brown hair fell over his forehead, ears, and nape in waves that would wrap around a woman’s fingers. Julia could easily imagine her fingers in his hair while his full, shapely lips moved her hers in a ravenous kiss.

Mmm, nice thought.

But one she knew wouldn’t come true. She had no intention of dating for a long, long time, much less getting involved with anyone.

That didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the scenery.

The man she had momentarily drooled over let the other three step to the counter before him. He turned his back to her as he studied the menu, giving her an excellent view of the way his jeans molded to his ass. Such a nice ass, with just the right amount of fullness so a woman could grip it while they made love.

The bite of French fry stuck in her throat. Julia picked up her cup of iced tea to wash it down, but she’d already drunk all of it. She could get a refill, except the beverage dispensers sat by the counter where the four men stood. She’d be within a few feet of them if she refilled her cup.

So? You’re a big girl. You can ignore them.

The decision made, Julia rose from the booth and headed for the dispensers. She refilled her cup with tea, chose another lemon slice, and dropped it into her beverage. Taking a sip, she turned to go back to her booth.

And looked directly into a pair of eyes the color of aged cognac.

She froze in place. Her throat closed, which kept her from choking on her tea. She watched the hunky brunette’s gaze dip down her body to her hips before making the return journey to her face. A slow smile lifted the corners of his mouth.