Book 2 of Lanville Firefighters Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: July 5, 2022 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
The attraction sizzles between Clayton Spencer and Maysen Halliday when he first sees her in his convenience store. The attraction fizzles when he discovers she’s the owner of Hot Shots, a magazine that declared the Lanville volunteer firefighters the sexiest in Texas. Not only does he disapprove of the article, he hates her idea of posing for a sexy calendar. Only when Maysen tells him proceeds will go toward purchasing equipment for the fire department does he relent.

An interview at Clay’s house on a rainy night leads to lovemaking. Maysen wants it to be the first of many nights to follow, but Clay is leery. A woman had breezed through his life two years ago, leaving him with a broken heart. He refuses to let Maysen break his heart again when she leaves town after her work is finished.

Maysen has to convince Clay she isn’t in Lanville for only an assignment–she loves him and is here to stay.

* * *

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She placed one hand over her stomach. “I’m starving. Can you recommend a good place to eat? After that, I’ll go to the fire hall and hopefully meet some of your volunteers.”

“You will. I made arrangements for them to drop by this afternoon and evening so you can meet them.”

Her smile brightened her whole face and sent a shaft of longing straight to his heart. “That’s wonderful. Thank you.” She unwrapped her straw, poked it through the opening in the drink’s lid. “I probably should check into my room before I go to the fire hall.”

“Where are you staying?”

“The Inn on Crystal Creek.”

“You’ll like it there. Some meals are included for guests, or there’s a restaurant right next door. Great food.”

“Sounds perfect. Are you free for lunch? We could discuss the article.”

His hormones said yes. Luckily, he already had plans for lunch today with the owners of Coleman Construction to discuss the remodel of this station, so he didn’t have to listen to his hormones. “I’m meeting some people for lunch.”

“Oh.” Disappointment filled her eyes. “Maybe another time. I’ll be here for several days.”

“How many days?”

“I haven’t decided yet. This is a combination work assignment and mini vacation for me.”

“Surely you can find a more exciting place to vacation than Lanville.”

“I don’t need excitement, Clay. I’d rather relax and catch up on my reading than hit the club scene.”

Something they had in common. Despite having to travel for business, Clay liked to get his business done and return home to his solitude as soon as possible. Although the company headquarters was located in Tempe, Arizona, he could do the majority of his work via computer or telephone. That left him free to choose where he wanted to live. He’d chosen Lanville two years ago after Gina had left him, and hadn’t regretted that choice for one second.

“How about dinner?” Maysen asked. “My treat.”

Determination must be Maysen Halliday’s middle name. “Sorry, have plans for dinner, too.”

“You’re a busy man.”

“I have a business to run, just like you have a magazine to run.”

She pressed her lips together and her eyes narrowed. “You can’t avoid me forever, Clay. I want you to be part of my article. You’re the fire chief, plus you’re…” She stopped and her gaze passed over his face again. “You’re a very attractive man. I want pictures of you in my magazine.”

Her compliment warmed him, but he refused to let it go to his head. A woman could easily spout words when she wanted something. “I’ll cooperate, Maysen, because I promised I would. But don’t expect anything else from me except for your article. No lunches, no dinners, nothing.”

She opened her mouth, perhaps to argue with him, then closed it again before she nodded. “Understood. I’ll call you when I get settled so we can set up a good time to meet.”

She held his gaze while she sipped her drink through the straw. An image flashed through his mind of those full, soft lips traveling down his body. Clay cleared his throat to banish the image. “Fine.”