Soft Focus
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: March 18, 2019 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Daphne Kemp is trying to get her life and finances in order after her ex-husband leaves her with a huge debt. When her friend suggests she answer an ad to model for famous photographer Gerard Lynch, the lure of paying some of that debt is too strong to resist.

One look at Gerard entices Daphne into more than modeling. She breaks her rules about one-night stands and younger men, and spends a passion-filled evening with the handsome photographer.

Gerard never gets involved with his models, yet he is immediately drawn to Daphne. He has to find a way to break down the walls she’s erected around her heart and give them a chance at forever.

* * *

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Daphne nodded her head at Dale before looking at Gerard. He slipped into the chair his assistant vacated. “I’m Gerard Lynch.”

“Daphne Kemp.”

“Do you have any modeling experience, Daphne?”

“None. I was telling Dale that when you came in.”

“I don’t want people with modeling experience. I want real people in my photographs.”

“Aren’t you afraid they’ll…mess up?”

Gerard chuckled. He liked Daphne Kemp’s honesty. “No. I’m a patient man, Daphne. I’m willing to work with someone until I get the exact photo I want.”

Her lips curved in a small smile. “I guess the French accent helps with the women, huh?”

This time Gerard laughed out loud. “I’ve lived in the United States for fifteen years. My accent isn’t as pronounced as it used to be.”

“It’s very charming.”

Silence fell between them, but it wasn’t uncomfortable for Gerard. He wouldn’t mind simply sitting with Daphne, as long as he could continue looking at her.

“Will you pose for me, Daphne?”