Taste of Bliss
Book 2 of the Moon’s Magic Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: October 7, 2018 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF Wolf Shapeshifter
Length: Short Novel
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Someone is killing the wolves in Tyrus Chamberlain’s pack. Not having any luck in finding the killer on his own, he turns to a security company for help. Expecting a man named Mac to arrive, he’s shocked to meet a woman named Mackenzie instead. He falls into instant lust, something that hasn’t happened to him since his wife died.

Mackenzie Lane lost her husband three years ago and has no interest in another relationship. Yet the call of the wolf inside her knows Ty is meant for her. She can resist him for only so long until her wolf has to be satisfied.

Their passion is explosive, their lovemaking everything they both fantasized it could be.

But a killer is still on the loose, threatening more wolves and Mackenzie. Ty will risk everything—even his own life—to protect the members of his pack and the woman he loves.

* * *

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Setting his mug on the table, Ty gripped the back of one of the chairs and braced himself to see Roni. His gaze snapped to her as soon as she walked through the doorway. Then it drifted to the woman following her, the one with long, straight, black hair that flowed halfway to her waist. Brown eyes met his and held for several seconds before Ty swept his gaze down her body. She wore a simple red sweater and black jeans. Not as voluptuous as Roni, the woman still had plenty of curves that would fit nicely against a man.

Roni smiled at him. “Ty, this is my sister, Mackenzie. She’s going to help with your security system. Mac, Tyrus Chamberlain.”

Sister? Ty had assumed when Roni talked about her sibling, Mac, coming to help him, Mac would be a man. Mackenzie was most definitely not a man.

Mackenzie’s nostrils flared. Her eyes widened before she lowered her head, placed a fist over her heart, and dropped into a curtsey. “Sire.”

Roni had shown him the same respect last night, the respect of a wolf to an Alpha when they met for the first time. While he appreciated her honoring him, Ty didn’t need Mackenzie lowering herself before him. He crossed the floor and held out a hand to her. “Please rise, Mackenzie.”

She looked into his eyes, laid her hand in his. Sparks flashed between them when their hands touched, making Ty’s wolf howl. It circled around and around inside him, fighting to be free, to claim its mate.

His wolf had reacted to Roni, but that reaction paled in comparison to the uproar it made for Mackenzie. Ty was only moments away from shifting. He’d never had so much trouble controlling his wolf.