The Right Number
Book 1 of the Moon’s Magic Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: August 27, 2018 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF Wolf Shapeshifter
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
A need to expand his computer business has Jamieson Millington studying websites and spreadsheets for investment property when he accidentally dials Veronica St. James’ number. The first time he hears her voice, he knows she’s his destiny.

A series of events make Jay wonder why Roni appeared in his life when she did. Devastated that Jay questions her love, Roni tells him they have no possibility of a future together if he doesn’t trust her.

An attempt on Jay’s life brings Roni and Jay back together. They have to stop the assassin, or the dynasties of their wolf packs could be in jeopardy.

(Previously published in the NightShift anthology.)

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He’d heard the phrase “his heart slammed into his throat,” but never truly understood it until now. A vision rounded the hood of a tan sedan. Chin-length, black hair swept back from her face in gentle waves. A long-sleeved, black dress slid over her voluptuous body to her knees. Black heels covered her feet, sheer, black stockings adorned her legs. He had only a moment to admire her cleavage as she draped a black wrap around her arms and tossed one end over the opposite shoulder.

He longed to lick every inch of her ivory skin.

She took two steps before she lifted her head. Eyes widening, she froze. Her lips parted as her gaze passed over him. He couldn’t be sure from twenty-five feet away, but he thought he saw her swallow.

Jay forgot how to talk. He had so many things he wanted to say to her, but the words simply wouldn’t form. Instead, he held out one hand to her.

She walked toward him slowly, almost timidly, as if she wasn’t sure he would accept her. He waited, his hand outstretched, letting her come to him at whatever pace she chose.

The moment she laid her hand in his, fireworks erupted inside him. His wolf growled, demanding to take its mate. Now.

“Come in.”

Entwining their fingers together, he led her into his house. Once inside, he released her hand and cradled her face. He stared into her icy-blue eyes and felt as if he were drowning. “I can’t believe you’re finally here.” His thumbs drifted over her cheeks. “My God, you’re so beautiful.”

She slipped her hands inside his jacket and caressed his chest. “And you’re magnificent.”

It pleased him for her to think so. He’d chosen to wear a medium-gray suit with a white, silk pullover. He wanted comfort, yet also wanted to look good for Roni. His father had teased him about spending more time in the bathroom than a woman.

Unable to wait any longer to taste her, Jay lowered his head until their lips touched. The soft whimper coming from Roni’s throat urged him to deepen the kiss. Jay swept his tongue across her lips. They parted for him and the tip of her tongue touched his.