Three’s Perfect
Book 5 of the Anything Goes Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: November 7, 2015 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary Ménage (MMM) and MM
Length: Short Novel
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Love can find you when you aren’t looking for it.

Sean Wainright needs something to jumpstart his muse so he can finish writing his current book. At the advice of his friend, he goes to Anything Goes, a sex club east of Dallas. After ending a five-year relationship with a man who had used him, Sean has no desire for anything but a night of hot, uncomplicated sex.

Cullen Sloan is trying to get his life back on track after losing all his money thanks to his former lover. While he wouldn’t mind rolling around on the sheets with a hot guy, he isn’t looking for love.

Enter Tristan Cooke, an attendant at Anything Goes, who witnesses the spark between Sean and Cullen when they meet. With help from Tristan, Sean and Cullen soon realize love can find you even when you aren’t looking for it.

(Although part of the Anything Goes series, it is not necessary to read the entire series to enjoy this book.)

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The two men led Sean through the French doors to the patio. Although the weather had been the typical hot and humid Texas summer, gentle misters and overhead fans kept the patio comfortable. Sean nodded to people as he passed them, and they returned his greeting. Several gave his body the once-over. Interest flared in some eyes, both women and men. One woman openly stared at his crotch, ran her tongue over her upper lip.

No doubt about what she had in mind.

Before Sean realized he preferred to have sex with men, he’d been with women, both young and older. He doubted if there was a man alive who didn’t get off with a blowjob, but men did them so much better than women. He imagined that was because a man knew what a man liked, just as a woman knew what a woman liked.

That brought up an interesting thought. While he didn’t want to have sex with a woman, he wouldn’t mind watching a couple of them play with each other. That would be hot.

Before he let his imagination get away from him, he turned his attention back to the two men with him. “I assume the, uh, play areas are upstairs.”

Tristan nodded. “We have six rooms for those who want privacy, plus the open play area where it’s pretty much anything goes.”

“Just like the name of the club.”

“Exactly,” Tristan said with a grin. “People usually mingle downstairs until around nine, then they go upstairs. Some pick out a private room, some go directly to the open play area. Some sit before the stage to watch the show.”

“There’s a show?”

“Most nights, yeah. Some of our members like to have people watch them. Sometimes it’s just the members, sometimes they include the guests they’ve invited, and sometimes one or two attendants join them, if they’ve been invited. The stage isn’t a come-one-come-all thing. Anyone can use it, but it’s invitation only.”

Sean glanced from Tristan to Cullen and back again. “So if a member wants to watch…say, you and the pretty bartender together on the stage, he or she can request that?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. There’s a lot of freedom here, Sean, but anyone can still say no. Lisa and Alex make sure all the members know that. No one will ever be coerced into doing something they don’t want to do.”

“There is a show tonight,” Cullen said. “I overheard two couples talking about it.” He glanced around the patio. “I don’t see them here. Maybe they’ve already gone upstairs to get ready.”

“How about it, Sean?” Tristan asked. “Do you want to watch the stage show? If so, we should go up now so you can get a front-row seat.”

A front-row seat to watch people have sex. Not something Sean figured he’d ever do.

He’d come here for a new experience, and to hopefully kick-start his muse into cooperating again. He decided to go with the flow and accept whatever happened. “Yeah, I want to watch the show.”