Trouble in Boots
Book 1 of Lanville Firefighters series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: July 19, 2021 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary MF
Length: Novella
Cover Design by: Lynn LaFleur
Keely Sheridan has been in love with Nick Fallon since high school, but he’s always treated her as a friend. Other than one night of wild sex at their high school graduation party, Nick has kept his distance from her.

Nick is very much aware of every luscious inch of Keely’s body. No matter how much he wants her, he refuses to get involved with her due to the turmoil in his life.

When Nick is hurt while fighting a house fire, Keely is first in line to offer help. He can no longer deny his feelings for her and gives in to the sweetest lovemaking he’s ever experienced.

Wanting to help the man she loves, Keely does something behind Nick’s back he cannot forgive. He has to push aside his anger and pride before he and Keely can have the future together they both want.

* * *

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Keely wove her way through the tables with fresh drinks, staying a few moments to chat with each customer. She knew everyone in the bar, which didn’t surprise her. Unlike the restaurants along the main road through Lanville, which drew tourists, the location of Boot Scootin’ on a small county road made it more of a locals’ hangout. Rarely did someone come in who Keely didn’t know.

She caught and held Nick’s gaze as she walked toward his table. A thrill shot through her when his gaze slid down her body to her thighs and back to her face. A crooked grin lifted the corners of his mouth.

Despite her heart pounding and her palms growing clammy, she did her best to appear calm and in control as she collected the empty beer bottles from the table. She glanced at Kory Wilcox in time to see him looking down her scooped-neck T-shirt. That didn’t surprise her either. Like she’d told Dolly, a man would look if he got the chance. “You ready for another, Kory?”

He flashed her a boyish grin, one that probably made many gals tumble into his bed. Since she thought of him as nothing but a friend, it didn’t affect her. “Sure.”

She looked at the other two men at the table. “Ready for another?”

They both nodded, which left only Nick to place an order. She faced him, her tray propped on one hip. “How about you, Nick? Want another cold one?”

He slouched a little more in his chair, hooked his hands together at his belt. His movement drew her attention to his fly again. The bulge appeared bigger than it had a few minutes ago.

“Yeah,” he said in a low, husky voice. “I want another.”

Something about the look in his eyes made her think he wasn’t referring to beer. Memories of their one time together returned in a rush . . . the gentle kisses, the soft caresses, the slow slide of his hard cock into her wet sheath. The bite of pain when he’d entered her had quickly disappeared to be replaced with nothing but bliss. He’d made sure of her pleasure, caressing her clit until that burst of ecstasy had flowed through her body. Only then did he increase the speed of his thrusts. She’d wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his hips, and smiled when she’d felt his body jerk from his climax.

Keely had to force the memories aside again and straightened her shoulders. “Be right back with your order.”

She could feel the men watching her as she walked away, so she put a little extra wiggle in her hips to tease them. The whistle of appreciation she heard behind her made her grin. It felt good to be a little bit of a temptress every now and then.