Walking Sin
Book 3 of the Men With Tools Series
Publisher: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: June 26, 2018 (ebook)
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Novel
Dax Coleman has it all—money in the bank, a job he loves, and an address book filled with women’s names who only want a good time. He’s never had a problem charming a woman into his bed.

He meets his match when Kelcey Ewing moves to Lanville. A former housemate of his brothers’ girlfriends, Kelcey is as serious as Dax is carefree. He considers it his personal goal to teach her how to have fun.

An unforgettable incident in her life has left Kelcey wary and unable to have a relationship with a man. She decides she’s destined to be alone, until Dax’s lovemaking awakens her senses.

Unwilling to risk a broken heart with a man she considers walking sin, Kelcey tells Dax she doesn’t want to get involved with him. Dax must prove to Kelcey his love for her is real, and will last the rest of his life.

* * *

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 * * *


“Hey.” Dax pulled her into his arms. “It was just a dream. You’re okay.”

I’m not okay! I’ll never be okay!

Now that the tears had started, Kelcey couldn’t stop them. She clutched Dax’s waist and laid her head on his shoulder. It felt so good to be held, to touch his warm skin with her palms. His hands slid over her back in a soothing caress.

“Shh. Don’t cry. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

His low voice eased her fear. Her tears slowed. She lifted her head and peered into his eyes, where she saw kindness and concern.


“Yes. Thank you.”

Dax smiled. “No problem.”

He drew her into his arms again and held her close. Kelcey enjoyed his body pressed to hers, his hair tickling the back of her fingers. She couldn’t resist rubbing a tendril between her thumb and forefinger. So soft and silky.

This time when he looked at her, the concern in his eyes had been replaced with desire. Her heart skittered in her chest, yet from a different emotion. Heat swirled low in her belly, the same way it had earlier when he’d stood so close to her while they’d admired his photographs on the walls. His hands still stroked her back, but slower now…exploring instead of comforting.

“Kelcey,” he whispered.